Ehsan Yadollahi

Tar and setar:


Ehsan has been living outside of Iran since 2010, first going to Malaysia (2010-2012) and then coming to Europe (Gent, Belgium, 2013-current), first to study and later to work. During these years he was always fascinated by the similarities between people from different countries.

Exploring these similarities in people’s behavior and observing them helped Ehsan to understand their culture and traditions better. This understanding has appeared in his music through the years and relates back to folk music. He learnt how to tell stories while improvising and to express various emotions while making music. For many years in Iran, Ehsan studied Iranian traditional music, helped him to find the connections between different modes and scales and provided a perfect foundation to improvise. Having this background, he discovers the hidden connections between people, through rhythms, scales, melodies and feelings.