Leo Van Cleynenbreugel



Leo Van Cleynenbreugel grew up surrounded by classical music. His father is a choir conductor and his mother taught him the violin. As a boy he sang at the Brussels Opera. After finishing secondary school he went to Ghent University to study Indology (Hindi, Sanskrit). During his studies he spent a year in India where he learned traditional theatre and did volunteer work. Then he started his drama training at the School of Arts (Ghent), where he first experienced Fitzmaurice Voicework™, with Peter Rouffaer as a teacher. Now, he is a certified teacher, organizes workshops, and keeps training himself in voice and movement.
He has worked as a voice teacher in Colombia, USA, Ecuador, Cuba, Ireland, Palestine, India, Barcelona and Belgium. Social equality, mysticism and trauma healing are important themes that inspire his artistic and educational work. He is a passionate singer, traveller, and loves to accompany people as they discover their voices.