Mirella Ruigrok

Dulcian, shawm and recorder:


Mirella Ruigrok studied at The Royal Conservatory for Music in Ghent. Besides the degrees in chamber music, harmony and history of music she graduated at the Hoger Diploma for the recorder and obtained a Master of Arts.

During her studies she attented masterclasses with Walter van Hauwe and Kees Boeke and afterwards she studied with Pedro Memelsdorff in Bologna.
Due to her increasing interest in 16th and early 17th music she came into contact with other windinstruments of this era. She started to focus on double reed instruments from Middle Ages and Renaissance and followed courses in Belgium and abroad to specialize in the shawm and the dulcian.

On recorder and double reeds she participates frequently in concerts and recordings with ensembles such as: ‘Huelgas Ensemble’, ‘Collegium Vocale’, ‘Currende’, ‘Ex Tempore’, ‘Collegium Instrumentale Brugense’, ‘Oltremontano’, ‘Camerata Trajectina’, ‘Capilla Flamenca’, ‘Musica Temprana’, ‘La Hispanoflamenca’, ‘Ricercar Consort’, ‘Spectra Ensemble’, ‘The New Baroque Times’.
She is also permanent member of the ensemble ‘La Caccia’

Besides being a musician she loves to teach music what she does in the Ghent School of Arts and the Eeklo Kunstacademie.